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Terms & Conditions

*Terms & Conditions are Non-Negotiable*

Hi! Welcome to Sweet Dreams are Baked of This! Just a few Terms & Conditions if you’ve never ordered from me before.

1. A minimum of 3-4 WEEKS notice for orders is required as I still have a full-time job, and I do many events.
          a. You CAN request something for sooner, but it will depend on my work schedule if I can accept your order.
                     i.  Orders outside my availability window are subject to fee.
          b. Certain times of the year, IE holidays & Farmers Market Season (June - October), will require more notice. The more notice you can give, the better.
          c. Posted Holiday cutoffs are set in stone, unless posted about otherwise.
2. I retain the right to refuse any order due to scheduling, or if I do not believe I can comfortably fulfill your order.
3. Prices are subject to change based on ingredient costs or other factors. I check all prices at several times throughout the year.
4. Prices are not negotiable. I price based on several factors and if you agree to an order, you agree to those prices.

5. I can bake Gluten Free and/or Vegan, for certain items. If you have ANY restrictions or allergies, please let me know BEFORE I accept your order.
          a. Certain ingredients cost more than others and will affect the price of your order.
6. I accept payments through Square, with a minimum $25 deposit required within 24 hours of accepting your order.  Larger orders may require larger deposits.
          a. You do not have to have a Square account. I will send you an invoice, and you can pay via Square or via your Credit or Debit card.
          b. Deposits are refundable for one week. After this date, your deposit is non-refundable.
                    i. Deposits are used to hold the date you have selected for your order.
          c. Theme Boxes require no deposit.  They require payment in FULL by the listed date.  Once paid, Theme Boxes are not refundable.  If you cancel, you will not receive your money back.  The dates listed are so that I can order items that go in the boxes.
                    i. If you sign up for a Theme Box, and then fail to pay upon the specified date (invoice cancelled), you will be required to pay within 48 hours of signing up for another Theme Box.  That cost will be non-refundable.
7. Payment is DUE IN FULL by the date noted on your Invoice. If no final payment is received, your order will be null & void.
          a.  If final payment is not received, and your order is voided, deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE.  
          b. If you order and do not pay on time on TWO separate occasions, you will be unable to order from me in the future.

8. Any changes or cancellations must be made within TWO WEEKS of your order’s due date. Any cancellations or changes after that are subject to a fee.
         a.  Fee is determined based on order size, type, etc.
9. A delivery fee will be charged for ALL deliveries that is dependent on your location AND the size of your order.
          a. I retain the right to refuse delivery in any circumstance. If possible, I will ship instead.
          b. There is a $15 base Delivery Fee. Cost of Delivery is Not Negotiable.
                    i. $15 is flat rate for most locations in Syracuse and Oswego
                    ii. For deliveries to Auburn or Oneida, etc rates start at $20, and go up from there.
10. I can ship, within New York ONLY. Most items are eligible for shipping (some, due to fragility, will not be shippable). You will be required to pay for shipping, regardless if it exceeds the cost of your order or not.
          a. The cost of shipping – I use USPS or UPS – is determined by the weight/size of your order, where in New York it’s going and how fast you want it.
          b. Due to ending up a mess, I typically ship cupcakes unfrosted with the frosting in a sealed piping bag.
11. If I deliver to you, and you choose to transport your order somewhere else, you assume all risk if something happens to your order (IE damage, etc.). Once your order leaves my hands, any damage is on you.
          a. A photo will be taken at time of cake deliveries to ensure product is delivered in perfect condition.
12. Due to New York Cottage laws, I can only accept orders from those in New York State.
         a. If you want to order a Non-Baked Goods version of any of the Theme Boxes I offer, I've now added those options onto the forms.
13. There is a minimum of $30 to place an order.  Unless otherwise noted.
          a. This is to ensure the delivery or shipping fee is not more than the cost of your order.

14. Quantity minimums.  Quantity minimums are non-negotiable.  You may order more than the minimum, but not less.  Unless agreed upon by me.  Orders with smaller amounts will be subject to a fee.
         a. There is a minimum of ONE dozen of any ONE flavor of cupcakes, cookies or donuts.
         b. Mofos can be ordered with a minimum of FOUR.
         c. Platters have a minimum of FIVE.
         d. Brownies have a minimum of SIX per flavor/variation.
         e. Fudge has a minimum of 1 DOZEN pieces per flavor/variation.  I will not ship Fudge during May - August due to summer weather.

15.  Effective May 29, 2023 all card transactions (Invoices Only) will be subject to a card processing fee.  
         a. For every $5.00 you spend a $0.25 card fee will be added to your transaction.
                     i.e.  $1.00 - $5.00 = $0.25 fee
                            $5.00 - $10.00 = $0.50 fee
                            $10.00 - $15.00 = $0.75 fee
                                    and so on and so on

                                                 By placing an order, you confirm that you have read & accepted my Terms & Conditions.
                                                                               Thanks for liking the page. Have a Sweet Dreams day!

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