About Me

My name is Sabrina, I live in Syracuse, NY, and I've been baking for years.

I started out baking cookies, and only for friends and family.  I slowly added cupcakes, brownies, cinnamon rolls, and more dessert items to what I made.

Outside baking, I love attending conventions.  In 2010, I started baking for my friends, and the odd celebrity or two at conventions.  Celebrities love baked goods too you know.

In 2012, I attended my first convention for the CW show, The Vampire Diaries, and I met three actors who would become three of my favorite people to bake for.

One of those actors, Michael Trevino, would become one of the people who would constantly tell me that I needed to have a baking business, or a bakery.  Along with all of my friends.

Flash forward to 2014.  Four of my very good friends asked me if I would bake for them every month.  So, I started a monthly list with select friends and family where I would bake certain things each month and send them out.

Flash forward again - 2020.  Covid-19, one of the most insane things I've lived through in my entire life.  One of the only good things to happen this year, I finally was able to get a secondary kitchen, which also allowed me to get my Home Processor's License in the state of New York.

And that allows me to sell baked goods to you!  Well, those of you that live in New York State anyway.

Feel free to shoot me a message, or place an order.

Have a Sweet Dreams Day!