Back to Hogwarts 3

Did you miss the 2022 Back to Hogwarts Box?

No worries!  Due to popular demand, the Back to Hogwarts Box is back for 2023!

Each box will include Harry Potter themed Baked Goods along with non-baked goods that are related to Harry Potter.

Inventory Update

As of September 1, 2022 there are 27 Back to Hogwarts 3 Boxes left.

Cutoff: July 1, 2023

Invoices Sent: July 2, 2023

Invoice Due: July 15, 2023

Shipping/Delivery: End of August, just in time for September 1st

Harry Potter Baked Goods

  • Butterbeer Mofos

  • Butterbeer Cupcakes

  • Sorting House Brownies​

  • If boxes are SHIPPED, cupcakes will be shipped unfrosted, and you will be provided with a piping bag, and frosting.

Gluten Free Harry Potter Baked Goods

  • Butterbeer Mofos

  • Sorting House Brownies

  • Another Option May Be Added Later

Gluten Free Boxes have a $10.00 add-on fee

**Most of the items in these boxes will be similar to Back to Hogwarts 2**

Boxes & Price Points

Muggle - $60.00

First Year - $70.00

Prefect - $80.00

Head Girl/Head Boy - $90.00

Muggle Box

(All Boxes will Include These Items)

  • Harry Potter Baked Goods

  • Acceptance Letter & List

    • Choose Ilvermorny or Hogwarts​

  • Knight Bus Ticket

  • Hogwarts Express Ticket

  • Gringott's Vault Key

  • Keychain

  • Harry Potter Pins


First Year, Prefect & Head Boy/Head Girl Boxes will include additional items themed to your Hogwarts House, and the name of your box.


Add-Ons (For Any Box)

  • Hogwarts Graduation Certificate - $5.00

    • Printed in black & white on parchment paper​
  • Wand Permit - $3.00

  • Bottle without Name - $15.00

  • Bottle with Name - $20.00

  • Random Harry Potter Pins - $11.00

  • Hogwarts House Name Wood Piece - $15.00

    • Color will be coordinated with your house​

  • Harry Potter Wood Piece - $10.00

    • Designs will vary​


  • The cost of each box includes shipping or delivery within the Syracuse area.  If you live outside Syracuse, your box will be shipped.  


  • Invoices MUST be paid by the date listed.  Invoices not paid by date listed will be cancelled.  


  • Add-Ons may incur a shipping add-on.

  • Please don't hesitate to contact me with ANY questions.  Reach out on Facebook or Email me at ""